Lost and Found records is a independent record store near the Fairmont-Emoriland neighborhood. They buy, sell, and trade vinyl, CD's, and cassettes....


Photo Credit: Chaz Cooper The Elst Brewing Company has been in the Happy Holler neighborhood since early 2019 and is part of the revitalization...


We have had this picture since last September, and honestly, it is one of the most daunting/important images we have received for our Rooted series....


Pizzeria Nora is located in near the Happy Holler district at 2400 N. Central Street in Knoxville, Tennessee


Integrity: the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction.synonyms: soundness, robustness, strength, sturdiness, solidity,...


Time is the ultimate critic. What future generations think of us and our work ultimately determines our standing or lack of it." ~ Stewart Stafford

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Erin Cooper<br>LIC#: #336495

Erin Cooper
LIC#: #336495