Know KnoxSense: Bistro By The Tracks

Good old Happy Holler just keeps getting better! Venerable Bistro By The Tracks moved into the beautifully renovated space right next to Retrospect Vintage Store at 1123 N Central Street in 37917, just this past weekend. My weekend plans didn’t allow me to try out their new location, but When I drove by, the place was PACKED. It’s no surprise, really, since they’ve been a favorite in Knoxville since, well, ….forever (the mid 90s, if I’m correct, let me know in the comments if you can remember back that far!). I still remember the very first meal I had back in their pre-Brookview Centre location… it was definitely the first time I had a truly gourmet experience in Knoxville- it was perfectly cooked whitefish plated over the best dang cheese grits I’ve ever had with, if my memory serves me correctly, green beans. I still think of this meal… it was THAT good and it’s been that good every time I’ve gone since. If you’re looking for the perfect place to impress, visit their new location in the Holler!