Know KnoxSense: Frog Juice- The Boocherie

Kombucha seems to be one of those love-it-or-hate-it sort of things… I love it, but I guess it’s a bit of an acquired taste. Here in Knoxville we’re lucky to have a few solid, locally made options, one of them being Frog Juice. @frog_juice_kombucha cha has become a staple around town, I see it everywhere! It’s in all of my favorite restaurants, breweries, even my favorite little theater (@centralcinemaknox ). If you are unfamiliar with what kombucha is, it’s simply a fermented (usually very, very low or more often no alcohol) drink made with tea that comes in as many flavors as our local brewers can dream up. Slightly tangy, often sweet, it’s a surprisingly refreshing drink and now you can try it out at the Boocherie starting today! That’s right, today is their grand opening over at 2920 Sutherland Ave, right next to River Sports! If your looking for a great place to hang out in the evening and unwind with some non-alcoholic beverage options like mocktails and ‘bucha, go try them out today (they open at 4)!