Know KnoxSense: Rita’s Bakery
Weekend before last, we hosted our Fall Client Appreciation Event and it was a blast. The day was beautiful and crisp, just perfect for hanging out outside drinking hot apple cider and chatting with folks. Even simple events have some planning and the folks at Rita’s Bakery made the ordering process for baked goods a breeze. See those cookies? Aren’t they amazing?! Fall colored thumbprint cookies are a classic (and went super fast), but those spooky gingerbread guys were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Equal parts delicious and cute, more than one guest exclaimed that they felt guilty eating the tasty little works of art, but were oh so happy they did! Rita’s doesn’t just do cookies, they also do cakes, petit fours, pies, brownies, candy and more. Next time you need a treat, visit Rita’s!
Bonus Points to Rita’s for coming up with the last minute scarecrow design, he was my favorite! Thanks ladies!