Know Knoxsense: Tonya Rea’s Teas and Remedies
Just a few weeks back, @tonyareas opened their first brick and mortar location just on the edge of the Arlington and Fairmont neighborhoods in North Knoxville just off Broadway. One part tea room, one part apothecary, Tonya Rea’s Teas and Remedies shines with its delicious and unique tea blends. This eclectic shop is the perfect spot to get a midday pick me up, whether you prefer coffee or tea, you’ll find the perfect cup here. Tea and coffee not your thing? Well, on to the remedy part of their name: Tonya Rea’s offers a number of mindfully crafted herbal remedies and beauty products for those who want to take a more natural approach to self care.
Hours are Wednesday through Friday: 11a-6p, Saturdays 11a-4p. Tonya Rea’s is located at 1328 Buchanan Ave Knoxville, TN 37917