Know Knoxsense: Hi-Wire Brewing
I should really call a few of my South Knox ventures “hiking and beer”. I’ll admit it seems to be a recurring theme, but there really is something to that combo… especially this time of year. Nothing like cooling off from the trails on a patio with a cold drink, no? Now, We normally like to feature “homegrown” varieties in our Know Knoxsense posts, but this one counts since they’re regional. In fact, Hi-Wire Brewing got their start back in 2013 just on the other side of them there hills in Asheville North Carolina. See, we’re practically next-door neighbors! What I love about their Knoxville location on 2020 Barber St in SoKno, is the nice mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. As far as beer goes, they have such an incredible variety of styles, all of your friends will be able to find something they love (me, I’m always excited to see what sours they have on tap)! Next time you’re in South Knoxville, stop in and have a cold one, hot off the trails!
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