Not sure how it took us this long to get around to sharing one of my favorite places to get breakfast, but here we are! OliBea is has been a part of my perfect-place-to-take-my-out-of-town-guests-for-brunch spots since they opened in 2014. More specifically, it’s where I like to take my friends from out of town to try and influence them to make the move to Knoxville, just so I can say, “sure X is a great place to live, but check out these awesome restaurants we have right here”. I feel that I may be one OliBea chicken biscuit or Tennessee Benedict away from scoring some new residents. If you haven’t checked out their new(ish) location at 211 S Central St, don’t wait for those out of town guests, treat yourself now to some of the best farm-to-table dining in Knoxville. See more at their website: