Know KnoxSense: South Press
South Press
is a locally sourced, eco friendly, hand crafted coffee and tea house that specializes in french press coffee, custom tea blends, and baked goods. My first visit to the Press was a delight. I was greeted by owner/operator Joslynn Fish and a few regulars as I stepped through the door. They were in the middle of a lively conversation, something you’d see at your local watering hole, I immediately felt at home. They continued their conversation as I went over the menu. The nice thing about a place with friendly regulars is that when you can’t make up your mind about which tempting locally made pastry you should get, they will offer up their expert opinion upon request. After following the sound advice of the locals, I settled on a coffee cake muffin (just the right amount of sweetness!) and a sugar free toffee nut latte with oat milk. Yes, that is a mouthful, but I was impressed by the sheer number of options to help craft the perfect custom cup. And it was perfect. While speaking with Joslynn, I was let in on a bit of ~news~ South Press will be moving soon, but don’t worry! They’re just moving a few doors down to larger space that will accommodate a stage for live music! I can’t wait to get back to this eco-friendly, inclusive, little shop and have another coffee…this time with a side of music. South Press is located at 3715 Chapman Highway, check them out today!
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