Know Knoxsense: Insurefit RM

Our local services month continues with Insurefit RM!

As a kid, I remember my dad stopping off at his insurance agent’s office to make policy changes throughout the years (new teenage drivers, yeesh) and when the time came for this young adult to start paying for her own insurance, I didn’t see the value of seeking out services that weren’t readily available online. I just couldn’t be bothered, I thought. Surely it would cost more to sit down in front off a living, breathing human? Fast forward a few years, and here I am, seeing the error of my ways. It only took years of poor communication or poor coverage to discover that, oh yeah, your parents do know a thing or two….
Sure, buying insurance isn’t a glamorous or exciting thing to do in life, but having the ability to seek the advice of an actual person is priceless. Plus, no algorithm can match the genuine, trusting relationship that can come from having an actual agent.
Don’t have an agent? We know a place! Here’s what the folks at Insurefit RM have to say about their business: “with over 10 years’ experience of not only insuring clients but also walking along with them in times of trouble, we’re a customer-centric organization and embedded in our philosophy is a forward moving mechanism that enables you to solve problems. Our commitment is to provide solutions that you really need as it relates to the people, vehicles, homes and businesses that are so valuable in your life.”
So, whether you’re looking for home, life, or auto insurance (etc, etc), give Mel and his team a call today!
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