Know Knoxsense: The Love Kitchen

Our good friends over at The Love Kitchen, could use your help! Small non-profits have definitely been affected by the covid-19 outbreak and the Love Kitchen is no exception. Not sure how to help? Donations of all sizes, big or small, are always a great place to start, especially if you are limiting contact outside your home. Follow this link to see their current kitchen needs:

Have you been considering volunteering? The Love Kitchen can always use volunteers, whether serving a meal straight from the kitchen or delivering to someone’s door, you’ll be making a huge impact on the lives of those in our community. See more here:

About the love Kitchen:

The Love Kitchen was started in 1986 by two sisters on a mission to serve those in need. Helen Ashe was inspired by the work that a local church was doing in the community so she enlisted the help of her twin sister, Ellen Turner, to start The Love Kitchen. What started as a dream shared between two sisters, later developed into a network of dedicated volunteers who, through generous donations from the community, feed “3,000 meals each week with more than eighty percent of those meals being delivered to homebound recipients”. Although Helen and Ellen are no longer here, the organization continues to carry the sisters’ vision into the future.

see more at their website :

Photo Credit: Chris Smith