Know Knoxsense: Broadway Market

Laurie here: back at the beginning of the year, Broadway Market moved to their new location at 900 E Hill Ave Suite 130, Knoxville, TN 37915 at CityScape, just off Hall of Fame Drive. Despite the change of address, they decided to keep the name that fans of the eatery would recognize. Hence the name “Broadway”- just in case you’re curious. The “Market” in their name means just that. Broadway Market is not only a great place to grab a bite to eat, you can take home fresh ingredients to make delicious meals at home! Just last night, the spouse and I decided we’d finally try out a sushi making kit that we’ve been storing for the last few years (sorry Trish). We bought the nori and other ingredients at the local co-op and then drove over to Broadway Market to get a beautiful piece of tuna and salmon (I also scored some amazing looking scallops!!!). We had a blast making what ended up being a very delicious meal! Next time you’re in the Downtown area give them a try. See more about Broadway Market here: