Ah, bubble tea (I.e., boba), folks either love it or hate it. What is bubble tea you ask? The drink was popularized in Taiwan in the 80’s and has since spread around the world (thanks Wikipedia), but in its simplest form, it is a drink made of tea, milk, and tapioca pearls. It’s sweet, creamy, and well… chewy thanks to the tapioca nestled at the bottom of the cup. Over time, the drink evolved to include any tea and milk combination you could imagine. I am firmly in the group of people who enjoy this unique beverage experience- hey, not everyone likes chewy tea, but it is a fun experience that you should try at least once before writing it off! One of my recent favorites is the salted milk foam matcha milk tea (#4) from HEY BEAR CAFE Cafe over at 9036 Middlebrook Pike. If you’ve never experienced bubble tea, Hey Bear Cafe is the place to get started. They have a number of teas and toppings to choose from and the friendly folks there will steer you in the right direction if you feel lost (there are SO MANY combinations to choose from, you will never get bored). And if, in the end, you decide that chewy tea is not your thing, Hey Bear offers fruit teas, coffee, and just plain tea if that’s what you want in your cup! And if you’re not thirsty, they have an amazing food truck park out back that has plenty of seating and shade (see the food truck calendar here: http://www.heybearcafe.com/calendar.html), but that’s a story for another day! So you’re in the know: they are still offering curbside! Check their website out here: http://www.heybearcafe.com/