Many a UT Knox Alumni will recount countless evenings spent burrowed in to a couch or tucked into a corner while studying at the Golden Roast. It didn’t matter if you drank coffee (they have tea and other offerings, of course), it was a place to meet up, study, or hang out. It still is.

What sets the Golden Roast apart from many of the other shops in town, is that they do their own small-batch roasting. They also roast for a number of nearby coffee suppliers, so they are an important player in Knoxville’s coffee culture. For those of us who no longer haunt the hills and halls of UT, The Golden Roast now has a 2nd location nestled in the lower floor of a renovated old church building at 2558 Sutherland Avenue. The space has neat architectural details, such as exposed brick and timbers, plenty of indoor seating, and they even have a spacious patio! Go check them out today!