You know you’re in for a treat when you enter a brand new shop only to hear one of the folks standing in line mention to the staff that this is their third visit. You read that right, THIRD visit, to a place that opened just last week. Now, I’m not shaming this individual, because the donuts at The Donut Shop (@the_donut_shop_knox on Insta) are so delicious that it may become difficult for me to resist the urge as I drive by on my daily commute! I bought a dozen for the office and they went fast. So, if you’re in, around, or are driving by the 4th and Gill Neighborhood (specifically the corner of Lamar and Broadway), stop in and bring a box of happiness to the office.

Bonus points for reviving the cool corner building (it’s a wedge!!!) across from The Press Room and using it as your base of operations!