Integrity: the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction.
synonyms: soundness, robustness, strength, sturdiness, solidity, solidness, durability, stability, stoutness, toughness.

Today we are featuring an image that remains painted on a building off Ellis Ave in Maryville. The word “integrity” applies to both the image & the business that was housed there for @ least the past 50 years, The Salvage House. Most of the facts I pulled from The Daily Times, “Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend,” by Melanie Tucker. The story was so sad and lovely that we had to share. Plus, I love the image captured by Chaz Cooper. I will attach a link to the story so that you can read about the Salvage House as it is a true story of integrity as well. 

The Salvage House has been a variety of businesses including; An armory, a feed & seed, a bus line terminal, storage facility for multiple furniture stores, in the 60’s there was a roller skating rink on the 2nd floor. This image painted on the wood is a beautiful remnant of the ’60s in a small town in Blount County, Tennessee. As you drive through Maryville, you are likely to see some other historic images along with some newer brightly colored art. 

There are so many wonderful sights, so much history, beauty and things to do in this town. At the same time, Blount County is growing with new businesses all the time. They have maintained the feel of authenticity to their growth. They are not trying to be the next Nashville or Asheville. Blount County has figured out something special and has captured it in their greenways, delicious restaurants, and many other smalltown businesses. Many large scale employers have a presence here as well including but not limited to; Ruby Tuesday’s, Denso, Alcoa, Clayton Homes, & Maryville College. If you are considering a move to East Tennessee, this a place I would totally recommend you visit.