Time is the ultimate critic. What future generations think of us and our work ultimately determines our standing or lack of it.” ~ Stewart Stafford

I love this old house. I love just about any old house. I remember exploring all of the abandoned old houses we could in high school, taking pictures for our photography class. Back then we had film cameras and a dark room. Not sure if it still works that way….

This week for our Rooted series, we are focusing on Integrity. What comes to mind when you hear that word? 

Integrity to me doesn’t mean that you always get it right or that you never fail. In a relationship, professional and otherwise, integrity is represented by putting forth your best efforts and when you fail, you get back up. You say you are sorry. You figure out how to do better next time and you keep going. 

Like relationships, houses weather all kinds of storms. The ones that last the longest have a strong foundation, are well taken care of, or perhaps, carefully mended so that they can stand the test of time.



Photo-Chaz Cooper